Frozen in snow are my memories
Lost in dark eternity
All i ever wanted
is to cross the river into oblivion

Just the other night i had this vision
I saw myself dying frozen in ice
Shadows twisted in the night like dragons
Reflected in the mirrors of my eyes

Captured like a devils own
I feel my desires are letting me go
I have discovered all the worlds
Reapers creepers take the silver swords

Now i see dark god arise
Finds my name written in the shadow book
Says damnation game is over
Come with me,its been so long

Caught in traps monster
Slave of the chaotic human world
My lifelong passion
For poetry,twilight and gold

Doctor can you wake my soul
From my scariest dream
Through the times i felt i lived
Through the times unreal

This time i just want to fly
Catch my plane in time
And you said there is a lot to see
Beyond the million lies